HP ZCentral is LIVE

Roger Graf
Roger Graf

HP ZCentral Remote Boost and HP ZCentral Connect are available today! The Beta program has ended earlier than expected.

  • Remotely access graphics-intensive applications on workstations located in the office without sacrificing responsiveness and image quality
  • Easily collaborate on projects by inviting others to join the session
  • Turn almost any device into a Z workstation with ZCentral Remote Boost Receiver support for Windows 10, MacOS, Linux
  • Support for multi-display setup and 4K

Check out the videos and try the FREE 90-day trial today at https://www.value-hub.ch/workstations/desktop-workstations/hp-zcentral/ 
The ZCentral Remote Boost license is already included with Z devices and is available for purchase with non-Z devices.

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